Mountain Biking

Big Bend Ranch State Park (BBRSP) puts your wheels on the right path, wherever your heart takes you.

There’s a trail for everyone

World class mountain biking includes more than 300,000 acres of rugged backcountry and hundreds of miles of old ranch roads and trails.

Prepare for a great ride, whatever your skill level.

Short Ride or Multi-Day Adventure

Take a short loop ride or a multiday, SAG-supported backpacking trip of a lifetime. No matter how you roll, stunning vistas unfold at every twisting run, from low land brush to high desert grasslands.

Rumble with the rocks on the IMBA designated EPIC backcountry trail – the Fresno-Saucedo Loop -- one of only two EPIC trails in Texas.

EPICS trail criteria includes:

  • Demanding, mostly single-track trail experience in a natural setting
  • Denotes a true backcountry riding experience in remote settings
  • One that is technically and physically challenging
  • More than 80 percent single track
  • At least 20 miles in length

EPICS route is mapped by the mtbproject and other online sources.

Historic and Cultural Sites
Park trails twist and turn through history, culture and geology.

Ride through a landscape traveled by prehistoric people, modern Native Americans, Spanish explorers, ranchers and cinnabar miners. The park is home to ranch house and homestead ruins, abandoned mines and prospects, ancient stone shelters and pictographs.

Geological Time Traveling
Time travel through geological wonders that spans 600 million years. Ride among stunning outcrops shaped by ancient seas, tectonic mountain building episodes and volcanic activity.  Explore caves, canyons, mountains, waterfalls, springs, arroyos, and a wide variety of plants and animal life.

BBRSP Trails
Trails maps can be downloaded at the BBRSP website

Resources include maps, guides, magazine articles and video:

  • Contrabando Multiuse Trail System
  • Cinco Tinajas Trail and Leyva Escondido Loop Trail
  • Sauceda Nature Trail
  • Encino Trail
  • Horsetrap Trail
  • Exploration Map of Bofecillos Highlands and Cienega & Alamito Lowlands
  • Exploration Map of Fresno Canyon
  • Walking guide to the Sauceda Historic District
  • Mountain Biking Dream Ride at Big Bend Ranch
  • TPWD YouTube video Moutain Biking Big Bend Ranch State Part

Many other trails are described in the MTB websites linked in the Resource section below.

Trail Ratings

Here’s how TPWD describes trail ratings.:

Camping and Lodging

Solitary adventurers, small and large mountain biking groups will find a home at BBRSP.  Camping and accommodations are available in the river valley and communities. Camp at remote campsites and group areas or set up housekeeping at the Saucedo bunkhouse for dorm accommodations with fancy indoor plumbing.  


Bike repair/parts, guided tours

Best to bring what you need and be prepared to use it. But you can always turn to some local experts for minor and major repair, as well as guided tours.

Desert Sports
Angell Expeditions

Groups and Associations
The Big Bend Trails Alliance is a pioneering organization behind many of the trails the core riding experience in BBRSP.

The many other metropolitan mountain bike groups in Texas include:
Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association
Greater Houston Off-Road Biking Association
Borderland Mountain Bike Association in El Paso
Austin Ridge Riders
Fort Bend Mountain Bike Association
Brazos Valley Mountain Bike Association
Permian Basin Bicycle Association
South Texas Off-Road Mountain Bikers

Maps, Reviews Etc.


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